Primary Source Documents

The catalog for the Center for Right-Wing Studies (formerly Center for Comparative Study of Right-Wing Movements) & People For the American Way (PFAW) Archive of Conservative Video Broadcasting was constructed from thousands of pages of PFAW documentation that accompanied the video tapes delivered to the Center. While the vast majority of documentation related to the video tapes, which have since been converted to DVDs now held in the Center's physical collection, has been reproduced in the searchable database, there was much more text provided by PFAW that did not make it into the catalog because the information pertained to video tapes the Center does not hold.

This "Primary Source Documents" webportal makes all primary source documents related to the Archive of Conservative Video Broadcasting available to researchers. These documents may be used to conduct additional text-based research that will supplement and complement video-based research. Researchers can also use this section to double-check descriptive information provided in the searchable database and learn more about programming for which there is no video held in the archive.

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